Designer Product

We buy and sell designer product and use in-house authentication staff to try and make sure each piece is authenticate.  We will only label something authentic if we know 100% it is or if we can track the provenance without fail.  Because of the nature of the business and amount of very high quality fakes out there we cannot guarantee any item that we do not say is ‘real’.  We do not wish to sell fake items but sometimes they slip by.


100% No Returns on any object.  We have had people buy something brand new from us and then try and return a fake.  We do not accept ANY returns for any reason.


We try and show every detail on an item when it is posted.  If you have questions or want further images, please ask.  We will provide anything we can before a purchase.  That being said, we might miss a subtle loose string, or slight discoloration now and then.  We try and be 100% up front with each purchase – ask questions please.

Email Collection

Email collection is only by opt-in and we will only use the emails for this site.  We do not share, sell, or give away our email lists.


We have many celebrity and non-celebrity clients, we keep identity 100% secret and never disclose any sale, name, address nor anything else about any client of this website.